Founded in 2002

Registered at the Syrian Ministry of Tourism under nr. 52


Member of the Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie.


Its Purpose:

To safeguard the culinary heritage, and to help develop, improve and promote the Syrian Cuisine.


The Academy encourages and helps:

Culinary research works in general.

Scientific & medical culinary research.

Private & public culinary projects which it judges worth supporting.

Culinary publications.


The Academy gathers information from sister Academies as well as from any other sources, and publishes them or forwards them to concerned parties, with the purpose of helping them develop and improve their activities.


Its scope of activities:

Promote the Syrian cuisine in the world.

Promote the Syrian regional cuisines in other parts of the country.

Discuss with the concerned professionals their problems and try to find solutions.

Organize culinary seminars, gatherings, fairs, etc …

Reward the best culinary talents and projects.




Founding Members (by alphabetical order): 


Mr.  François Abdelnour (1940-2012)

Mr.  Pierre Antaki

Mrs. Sonia Cachecho

Mr.  Naji Chaoui

Mr.  Georges Husni

Mr.  Yasser Nehlawi

Mrs. Lena Toutoungi

Mr.  Nauman Wannes (1947-2009)





Mr.  Georges Husni


Mr.  Naji Chaoui Vice-president

Mr.  Pierre Antaki


Mr.  Khalil Sara


Mr.  Naji Chaoui


Present Members (by alphabetical order): 


Mrs. Myriam Antaki

Mr.  Pierre Antaki

Mrs. Salma Attar

Mrs. Sonia Cachecho

Mr.  Naji Chaoui

Mrs. Line Chaoui

Mr.  Sanih Ghazal

Mrs. Louna Haddad

Mr.  Georges Husni

Mr.  Omar Karkour

Mrs. Joumana Kayali

Mrs. Lamis Kayali

Mr.  Faisal Kudsi

Mrs. May Mamarbachi

Mrs. Jenny Marrache

Mrs. Nayla Massabki

Mrs. Arda Megarbané

Mr.  Habib Morcos

Mr.  Yasser Nehlawi

Mr.  Khalil Sara

Mrs. Ayda Sibaï

Mrs. Dalal Touma

Mrs. Lena Toutoungi


Last Update: 31.03.2012

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